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LwICT School Implementation Overview

Each school can use this space to describe some specifics about the Peer Coaching Teams and their progress. Begin by listing the members of your team. Take a minute to describe your hopes and also concerns as you think about LwICT implementation and the year ahead. Remember that access to this private wiki is restricted to members of the HSD LwICT implementation group.

Blumenort School

Team #1 Coach: Tamra Yorke
Team Teacher: Lisa Elkie-Friesen

Hopes: My hope is to get familiar enough with integrating technology into my lessons that it becomes second nature. I hope to be a tool for my team teacher and my school to utilize. Ultimately I hope to enhance my students learning experiences and get them comfortable using technology as well.

Concerns: My main concern is time. Will I have time to meet with my Team Teacher? Create lessons?

Team #2 Coach: Rhonda Goertzen Stobbe
Team Teacher: Irene Plett

Hopes: To infuse technology into my social studies/science lessons. To experiment/collaborate with my team teacher Irene particularly with our Community Unit.

Concerns: I need time! In order to feel comfortable with the technology I need time to collaborate/experiment with my team teacher as well as on my own.

Bothwell School

Team # 1 Coach: Peter
Team Teacher: Pam Plett
Team Teacher: Pat Martens

Hopes: To get students interacting and using computers as tools of learning rather than as retyping or games. To have other staff access and use the lab as a place to use the computers and not as a place to kill time and play the drill and practice games.

Concerns: That there will be a lack of time for staff to be able to learn the technology needed to be successful. Staff who are slow at computers will not appreciate the time needed to to learn the steps involved.

Team #2 Coach: Kari Friesen
Team Teacher: Sherri Trinh
Team Teacher: Jamie Dyck

Hopes: I hope that we can get excited about using technology in the classroom and that other teachers will jump on board. I hope that we can lose the "fear of computers" attitude.

Concerns: When will we find time to collaborate?

Crystal Springs

Team #1 Coach: Conrad Maendel

Team Teacher: Victor Kleinsasser

Hopes: By the end of this year my hope is to cover all the course matterial but through the use of technology. To have the students show their different strengths in a fun and activating way.

Concerns: I am concerned that I may not be able to find the perfect tech. tool or tech. idea that will get students to give their own ideas instead of copy / paste other peoples ideas or work.


Team #1 Coach: Cory Dyck
Team Teacher: Jamie Penner
Team Teacher: Connie Johnson

Hopes: To help teachers implement and infuse technology into their current lessons. Technology should be used to enhance the learning that is happening in the classroom. Implement a wiki in at least one classroom this year.

Concerns: Time to meet and teach the hardware components of using technology, (along with some troubleshooting skills). Preparing the "scaffolding" so that teachers have something to fall back on when technology fails us.

Green Valley School

Team #1 Coach: Margaret Wiens
Team Teacher: Chris Peters
Team Teacher: Phyllis Braun

Hopes: I hope to incorporate technological devices into my teaching. I would like my students to be able to use well established technological devices as well as computer and internet technological devices as well.

Concerns: My concern is to have the time to use these devices successfully with my students.

Team #2 Coach: Tim Sawatzky

Team Teacher: Connie Epp
Team Teacher: Merle Mertins

Hopes: I hope to learn some useful, practical, and helpful programs that I can teach my students so that they would be able to use the technology in the school to enhance learning.

Concerns: I am concerned that time will be the big issue.


Team #1 Coach: Wendy Buhler
Team Teacher: Robyn Isaac (K)
Team Teacher: Constance Faucher (French)
Team Teacher: Trudy Smeltz (1)

Hopes: I hope that our school will become more involved in technology. I hope that teachers will use the lab as more than just a free time for the students, and a break for the teacher.

Concerns: We have a few periods a day to use the lab for 458 students. There is a classroom in there the rest of the day. When are we supposed to collaborate on peer coaching if our schedules don't line up because of this inconvenience?

Landmark Collegiate

Team Coach: Greg Sawatzky
Team Teacher: Merrilee Plett
Team Teacher: David Reimer

Hopes: My Goal with LwICT is to have grade 8 math class that is journaling with wiki's.
My Team Goal is to have us all use something different from the LwICT strategies. We have an ELA teacher, Social Studies and Science teacher.

Concerns: My Concern is the learning curve and the time needed to invest personally and with the class Link

Landmark Elementary

Team #1

Peer Coach: Russ Dirks
Team Teacher: Lisa Verinder

Team #2

Peer Coach: Charmaine Mackid
Team Teacher: Karen Andersen

Hopes: To learn a lot about infusing technology into our teaching for the benefit of our students

Concerns: Time, time, time - to collaborate, to allow students to explore what is available to them but still meet learning outcomes of curriculums

Team #1 Coach: Russ D.
Team Teacher: Lisa V.

Team #2 Coach: Charmaine M.
Team Teacher: Karen A.

Hopes: More ideas, greater tech use, smooth logistics, trying everything possible, no fear, students catching the vision, infusion (I wrote this because it's the latest jargon)

Concerns: Fear, time, lack of support with equipment, not finishing curriculum

Mitchell Elementary

Team Coach: Colin Campbell
Team Teacher: TBA
Team Teacher: TBA

Hope: To learn new ways to teach technology to staff and students. For example, new software and programs.

Concerns: So many new things to learn about technology....where to start??

Mitchell Middle

Team Coach: Darren Martens
Team Teacher: Kim Funk
Team Teacher: Julie Hinatsu
Team Teacher: TBA

Hopes: To explore and incorporate different LwICT strategies in all subject areas and with all teachers (eventually). Our hope is that these activies will be meaningful and increase student learning.

Concerns: Learning alot of technology and having access to equipment needed.

Niverville Collegiate

Team Coach: Corie Pritchard
Team Teacher: Ron Limpright
Team Teacher: Pat Fast

Hopes: To assist the teachers with utilizing technology in their respective subject areas with suggestions, training, encouragement and seeing that they are becoming more comfortable with using technology to enhance the learning.

Concerns: With equipment problems, change in curriculum, not enough opportunities to book labs as they are booked with regular classes, it is challenging to keep thinking positive about the use of technology.

Niverville Elementary

Team#1 Coach:Dave Johnson
Team Teacher: Mary Klassen
Team Teacher: Lois Neufeld



Team #2 Coach: Ivy Friesen
Team Teacher: Jennifer Gyles
Team Teacher: Brenda Lytwyn

Hopes: To learn more about technology and how to effectively use ICT in each subject area.
To meet regularly with team teachers. To twin Gr. 5's with the grade 1 and 2 students in the lab.

Concerns: Finding the time to meet and plan. Understanding the technology.


Team #1 Coach: Wendy Martens
Team Teacher: Martha Hiebert

Team #2 Coach: Trevor Neufeld
Team Teacher: Heidi Friesen
Team Teacher: Mike Reimer

Hopes: That we will know the most effective ways to include technology in plans to make content more beneficial, engaging, and memorable to students.
That we can use technology with enthusiasm despite frustrations, and encourage others to do the same. That this sharing tool will grow and become continually more useful to a growing number of teachers.

Concerns: That frustrations, or not having all the 'tools' or problem solving knowledge will limit the use of technology.

South Oaks

Team Coach: Carolyn Friesen
Team Teacher: Susanne Funk

Hopes: That the time and energy spent learning more about technology and how to use it will improve the way that we teach. That others will be motivated by the ideas generated by the Literacy with ICT team and teachers will begin to see technology as a useful tool to improve, update, redesign, and/or deliver engaging lessons.

Concerns: That support required won't be available to teachers - when they need it. That a lack of time and technology problems will hinder the use of technology.

Steinbach Junior High

Team Coach 1: Kevin Martens
Team Teacher 1: Naomi Stobbe

Team Coach 2: Trevor Paton
Team Teacher 2: Rita Rebizant


Team #1 Coach: Henry Thiessen
Team Teacher: Kristen Reimer
Team Teacher: Simmy Gandhi

Team #2 Coach: John Loewen
Team Teacher: Karen Pottage
Team Teacher: Stephanie Klippenstein