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LwICT Lesson Instructions Page

To prepare your lesson for submission:
  1. Use the to format the lesson into a standard form.
  2. Save the formatted lesson as a standard MS Word file, carefully naming* it to reflect the contents of the lesson.
*It is important to also give your Word file a unique name since uploading a file with the same name as one previously posted will cause that file to be overwritten.

To post your lesson to this wiki:
  1. Find the curricular area (see the Navigation bar) where the lesson is to be posted.
  2. Note the instructions at the top of the page with respect to adding the appropriate teacher, school and lesson details.
  3. Click the "Edit This Page" button, enter the lesson summary information (see #2 above) under the appropriate grade heading, upload the lesson file and other associated documents (e.g. a project example), and when finished click "Save."
  4. See the steps below, if you are unfamiliar with how to upload and insert files.

General Instructions on Editing a Wiki and Posting Documents:


Step by Step Instructions:
1. Sign in to the wiki so you have editing privileges and navigate to the appropriate page
2. Click on "Edit this Page"
3. Place the cursor where you wish to add information and/or documents
4. After entering desired text, click on the Insert_Icon.jpg icon on the editing toolbar to insert a file
5. Go to "Upload New File" and click on "Browse"
6. Locate desired file and click "Upload"
7. Place cursor where you want to insert the file
8. Select the icon of file you uploaded (in Step 6) and double click
9. Does the named file you wanted to insert appear as you expected?
10. Click "Save" to complete the task
Now that you've left the editing mode, check to see that the document
you wanted to upload and insert opens up correctly when you access it.

*If you are able to do the above correctly, you will be able to insert files on any
HSD wiki since the procedures are exactly the same.