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School: Anywhere Elementary
Submitting Teacher: Jane Smith
Lesson Summary:
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K - 4 Science Lessons


Grade 1

Niverville Elementary
Jennifer Gyles
Lesson Summary: Winter Likes and Dislikes

Grade 2

School: Mitchell Elementary School
Submitting: Colin Campbell / Jennifer Thomson
Lesson Summary: Growth and Changes in Animals - Using the internet students will be learning how to group animals in a gallery walk.

School: LES
Lesson Summary: Comparing names of male, female and baby farm animals.

Brenda Lytwyn
Lesson Summary: Animal Comparisons
Lesson Plan Link:

School: South Oaks
Submitting: Carolyn Friesen and Susanne Funk
Lesson Summary: Using the introduction of an on-line fable, students will think about animal attributes and create a Venn diagram in Microsoft Word to give evidence of thier learning.
Lesson Plan:

School: South Oaks
Submitting: Carolyn Friesen and Susanne Funk
Lesson Summary: Students will use Worldbook Online to research an animal of their choice as a summary to the animals study.
Lesson Plan: (Report template included)

School: Blumenort School
Submitting: Irene Plett
Lesson Summary: Culminating activity for Solids, Liquids and Gases unit in which students perform a Magic Show on Video and present it at an assembly

Grade 3

School: Southwood School
Submitting Teacher: Wendy Martens
Lesson Summary: Science - Structures Unit Power Point. Sorting man-made and natural structures into a power point presentation.

Grade 4

School: Landmark Elementary
Submitting teacher: Karen Andersen
Lesson Summary: Science - Rocks and Minerals Use Photostory to chronicle a field trip to Stony Mountain on a fossil hunt.

Grade 3 Student PhotoStory example: Press play to view (wait a few seconds for program to begin); in order to play this video you must have a player (e.g. Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player) installed on your computer.

Kleefeld School
Wendy Buhler
This is a lesson on minerals. Students examine the different types of minerals and fill in characteristics on a chart. Use Excel to recreate the data.