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School: Anywhere Elementary
Submitting Teacher: Jane Smith
Lesson Summary:
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Math Lessons


Grade 1

School: Mitchell Elementary School
Teachers: Colin Campbell / Jennifer Thomson
Description: Math- Developing Numbers sense- Making a student set of flash cards

Grade 2

School: South Oaks School
Teacher: Ashley Harrison
Description: Math-Stellaluna Graphing Lesson

Grade 3

School: Elmdale School
Teachers: Jamie Penner / Cory Dyck
Description: Math - using a spreadsheet to graph differences in temperature.

Lesson Summary:
Throughout the course of a week, get students to look up the temperatures of two communities. The students will need to jot data into a journal or record book.

Grade 4

School: Woodlawn
Submitting Teacher: Simmy Gandhi
Lesson Summary:Using a website, students practice relating fractions and decimals
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