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School: Anywhere Elementary
Submitting Teacher: Jane Smith
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Grades 5 - 8 Math Lessons

Grade 5

Southwood School
Trevor Neufeld
(Geoboards: 2-D Shapes, Perimeter and Area)

Russ Dirks
Nutrition, Data Collection, Graphing, Displaying

Woodlawn School

John Loewen
Computer Bar Graphs

Grade 6

Niverville Elementary
Dave Johnson
Symmetry Lesson:

Grade 7

Landmark Collegiate
Greg Sawatzky
Lesson Summary: Using Excel to Analyze Measures of Central Tendencies
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Grade 8

Landmark Collegaite
Greg Sawatzky
Lesson Summary: Web Based Mental Math Event - March 5 of each year
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Grade 9

Blumenort School
Tamra Yorke
Lesson Summary: Money Management Final Assignment (Grade 9 Transitional Mathematics)
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Niverville Collegiate Institute
Nathan Dyck
Lesson Summary: Looking into Probability in the 'Real World'
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