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Submitting Teacher: Jane Smith
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Grades 5 - 8 English Language Arts Lessons

Grade 5

School :Bothwell
Teacher Peter Heese
Lesson: Students use digital pictures of themselves to put into their personalized greeting card.
Works great for Mother's or Father's Day.

School: Southwood School
Submitting Teacher: Michael Reimer
Lesson Summary: Introduction to PowerPoint. Students create an "About Me" ppt and become familiar with the program. Goes well with biographies.

School: GVS
Submitting Teacher: Tim Sawatzky
Lesson Summary: Practice using MW Snap

School: GVS
Submitting Teacher: Tim Sawatzky
Lesson Summary: Practice using layers in Paint.net This lesson will take you through the steps in creating an image with more that one layer.

School: Southwood School
Submitting Teacher: Trevor Neufeld
Lesson Summary: Incorporating use of a Wiki site into a class novel study
lesson plan
Click here to see an example wiki.
Click here for a basic form

School: LES
Submitting Teacher: Russ Dirks
Presenting/celebrating highlights using powerpoint
Lesson Summary:

Grade 6

School: Landmark Elementary
Submitting Teacher: Charmaine Mackid
Lesson Summary: Creating reading goals plates for students' desks
Lesson Plan Link:

Green Valley
Merle Mertins
Lesson Summary: Use Cmap Tools to create character and setting webs
Lesson Plan Link:

Grade 7 School: Bothwell

Submitting Teacher: Kari Friesen

Lesson Summary: Use Cmap tools to create a word web about Slavery.

Lesson Plan Link:

Grade 8

Steinbach Junior High
Lisa Christianson
Media Studies

Representation plan using Microsoft Publisher
MMS Kim Funk

(an exemplar for lesson plan 'Magazine lesson' by Kim Funk

Green Valley School
Margaret Wiens

School: Landmark Collegiate
Teacher: David Reimer
Lesson Plan: